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About Fiber Optic Lights

Beautiful, high-tech, fiber optic lights make wonderful decorations that can really light up any space. They are usually made of plastic fibers that transmit light from a light source to form unique, intriguing shapes and colors. Many lights use several different colors and change gradually for a soothing, sparkly effect. Fiber optic Christmas trees are popular, since their built-in, sparkling lights mean that clumsy decorating is not needed. Fiber optic pool lights can illuminate the bottom of a pool, making swimming at night safer and more entertaining. They are safer than other lights, since they do not create as much heat. You can also add fiber optics to a waterfall inside a pool or garden for a stunning look. Fiber optic night lights often look like fireworks, but many resemble butterflies, flowers, birds, angels, or other interesting shapes. You can search the large inventory on eBay to find the best fiber optic lights for your home, whether you need a simple night light or a whole new lighting system for your pool and garden.