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About Fiber Optic

Oh my gosh, Sasha is going to love your dorm room décor! She left it up to you, she trusts you as her roomie, and you know she is gonna flip over the two new color-changing fiber optic lamps for the nightstands that you bought. Totally, one for each of you. You can keep them on the same color or change them each to blue and red or green and blue, or set them to automatically rotate. The fiber optic strands splay out of the base like fireworks and give the coolest glow to the room. Sitting on the white night stand, they will bounce colors off the red, green, blue, and yellow striped bedding. No one else on the whole floor has such an awesome room with a funky fiber optic glow. Thank you, eBay. And, because Christmas is going to be coming up before you know it, and you'll be too busy with finals and boys by then, it's a good thing you are prepared with the vintage mini fiber optic Christmas tree with flashing lights that will fit on the desk or nightstand. She's going to love this so much. Sasha, hurry up and check-in!