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About Fiat 124 Spider

Inspired by the Corvette and designed by Americans, the Fiat 124 Spider is a little car with big international vibe. With its easily recognized silhouette and sporty compact design, this Spider remains a favorite among car collectors. The 2+2 convertible layout makes it a perfect companion for country cruising and weekend wanderlust. You can easily imagine yourself zipping along European streets as this car has done many times in movies, such as "The French Connection" and foreign films galore. There are still a number of these cars rolling down the streets on their Fiat 124 Spider wheels, thanks to the long run of this popular vehicle. Avidly collected variations on the standard factory model include a sports version designed in the spirit of the company's rally vehicle in 1972 and the Golden Anniversary edition in 1981. Find a vintage Fiat 124 Spider by shopping the large inventory on eBay, and keep an eye out for key replacement parts, such as a Fiat 124 Spider exhaust, if you want to repair or upgrade your current convertible.