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About Fetal Doppler

Pregnancy can be an anxiety inducing event, and waiting for regular doctor's appointments to observe the fetus' heartbeat and movements can produce a lot of impatience. Some pregnant women are solving this problem by purchasing or renting a fetal doppler. A fetal doppler is a device that allows expectant mothers and their doctors or midwives to listen to a fetus' heartbeats and movements. The device is typically pocket sized and operated with batteries, making it much less bulky and much easier to use than most high-tech fetal monitoring equipment. The monitor uses sound waves at frequencies such as 2 MHz. Most designs feature a handset with controls and, commonly, a speaker. Depending on the model, the machine may have a headphone jack that can allow those using the device to plug in and listen in without any background noise. The probe, through which the sound waves travel, is attached to this handset, often with an extendable cord. There is a vast inventory of fetal dopplers and associated equipment on eBay. You may be able to buy a complete fetal doppler package, including handset, probe, batteries, and ultrasound gel.