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About Ferret Cages

A pair of ferrets peer out at you through the bars of their cage, bright eyes shining as they wrestle and romp up and down wooden ramps. A ferret cage is the ideal environment for tame ferrets and provides them with everything they need in order to stay happy and healthy. A small ferret cage is best suited to one or two ferrets and includes unpainted steel bars, a recessed bed to accommodate their bedding, and various mounts for toys and food and water. A large ferret cage may have more levels or separate compartments and, in general, it provides a more spacious environment that could accommodate more ferrets if necessary, and if they are suited temperamentally to live with one another. You can keep these cages on tables or on the floor and they keep your ferrets safe from cats and dogs while also giving them bedding to burrow in and food and water to keep them sleek and fit. You can find a ferret cage through the vast inventory of pet supplies on eBay.