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About Fermenters

Craft beer enthusiasts love the idea of home brewing their own beer. One of the supplies needed to make delicious home brew is a fermenter. Not all fermenters are the same though. There are so many options. Depending on how much beer is brewing, fermenters can hold as little as five gallons up to 50 gallons. Then, there’s enough beer fermenting that when it is done, you can bottle it up and share it with friends. For a first-timer, a plastic fermenting bucket with a lid will do the trick. The handle makes it easy to move if need be and the lid keeps the air out. For a more experienced brewer, upgrade to a stainless fermenter. These are great for brewing large quantities. On a nice warm summer day, there is nothing better than a nice, cold beer. Imagine the pride in knowing that the beer you and your friends are drinking was made by you. Finding home brewing supplies such as a fermenter, whether new or used, is easy to do on eBay. Get your supplies and brew away.

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