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About Fenton Baskets

Most people, when called a basket case, take offense, but for you, it brings a sense of pride; you are an avid collector and are quite proud of your collection, which includes dozens of baskets in all shapes and sizes. Despite having an impressive lot, you do not yet have them all, and at this moment, you have your heart set on a Fenton basket. While touring a museum collection, your eye was drawn to a tiny, handcrafted basket sitting on the wall, and you made up your mind to get one of your own. Thanks to eBay, you can do just that. Here, you can shop for the Fenton basket that you need to add to your basket collection; the large inventory of new and used baskets includes little gems in many shapes and sizes, available from reliable sellers. Perhaps you will spot a Fenton blue basket, featuring the same beautiful hand-painted decorations of the one in the museum. You may also find the Fenton green basket, made in glass, which will prove worthy of a shelf display instead.