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About Fendi Handbags

Bold stripes, a yellow as distinct as the brightest bird, and quality craftsmanship resulting from nearly a century of practice can all be part of your fashion arsenal when you have a Fendi handbag at your side. Originally established as a luxury fur and leather good shop and guided for a time by Karl Lagerfeld himself, Fendi is now a lifestyle brand on par with the best names in fashion. Everything from a delicate Fendi beaded handbag to pair with an evening look to the bold and graphic styling of a Pequin bag are available within the Fendi collection. With its quality construction and materials, a vintage Fendi handbag is as viable a choice as a new one. Classics such as the Fendi Baguette and the Selleria with its grainy calfskin and saddle stitching detailing serve as must-haves for many fashionistas. Whether you are in search of a vintage piece or a brand-new Fendi handbag, you have a wide range of options to consider in the listings on offer from the chic sellers on eBay.