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About Fender Tuners

Why let the sound of your Fender fall flat when a new set of Fender guitar tuners can save the day? Fender locking tuners can lock your notes away from the flats and sharps that want to plague your sound. Based on the Schaller Locking Tuner design, these tuners let you clamp down the cut end of the string using a hand-tightening lock screw. Wiggle your whammy bar to your heart's content without the worry of getting out of tune. Made of high-quality, die-cast metal, these tuners tighten up your tuning problems and can add fullness to your sound. Not wanting to part with the classic look of your Fender? Fender vintage tuners may be the road you want to travel. With reliable sellers on eBay, you can find vintage and reissue F tuners for your Stratocaster or Telecaster. The Fender F style tuning machines feature the infamous slot head design to wrap your strings on good and tight. Whether you want modern stability or retro looks, a wide of variety of Fender guitar tuners on eBay can help you fulfill your need to stay in tune.