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About Fender Stratocaster Mexico

First introduced in 1954, the Fender Stratocaster is perhaps the most iconic, most copied guitar design of all. These timeless guitars have been manufactured in the United States and in Mexico, and the vast inventory on eBay includes a wide selection of Mexico Fender Stratocasters. Look for beautiful solid-body brown sunburst models of the Mexico Fender Standard Stratocaster with chrome hardware and maple necks in a modern "C" shape. Alternatively, choose a black version with a 5-position blade pickup selector, three single-coil pickups for a rich sound, and a Fender tremolo for distortion effects. Models with noiseless pickups produce a clear, harmonious sound, eliminating any hum. For a clean setup with excellent action and tone, choose an MIM Fender Stratocaster Fat Strat in blue, featuring one double-coil pickup and two single-coils. Look for rare models, like a sunburst Squier model with a rosewood neck. Many of these styles come with everything you need, including soft, padded gig bags and straps. Find the perfect Mexico Fender Stratocaster for yourself or a budding rockstar, and get — or keep — playing.

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