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About Fender Standard Telecaster

Well over half a century since it was introduced as one of the first solid-body electric guitars in 1950, there is a reason that serious guitarists keep returning to the Fender Standard Telecaster time and again, even with the subsequent explosion of other guitar models available on the market. This is indisputable proof that Fender s Telecaster guitar has stood the test of time and the signature twangy Tele tone is an important part of any guitarist s arsenal. Like other iconic guitar models, there is no substitute for the original, and in this case the original is the Fender Standard Telecaster, with its slanted bridge pickup and its highly wound neck pickup to produce either brilliantly bright or wonderfully warm sounds depending on which pickup you select. Even within the category of Fenders guitars there are numerous options, and you will find them all on eBay, including a budget-friendly used Fender Standard Telecaster in mint condition complete with gig bag, or a maple Fender Standard Telecaster neck for putting together your own Tele or custom guitar. The reliable sellers on eBay will ensure your musical equipment reaches you in good condition.

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