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About Fender Skirts

You have spent several years painstakingly restoring your beloved 1950 Ford and it has paid off. Be sure you do not forget the finishing touches, like a fender skirt. Popular on various models of automobiles from the 1950s through the 1980s, the skirts streamlined the vehicle and gave the car a distinctive look. Add Pontiac fender skirts to your classic Bonneville in bright red or shiny black to match the car's paint job. Restore vintage fender skirts for a Chevrolet or Lincoln and proudly show off your vehicle at the next car show. Find a fender skirt in the large selection of styles and models available from reliable sellers on eBay. Choose the specific model to match your car or, for those who like to tinker with antique items, buy a few different models and fix them up. Pair your restored fender skirts with a pair of white-walled tires and you will be ready to cruise the boulevard in classic style.

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