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About Fender Pickups

Fender is one of the biggest names in music history, and the unique sound of the company's guitars comes as much from Fender pickups as the body of the instrument. Even though they hum in response to AC power, vintage Stratocaster pickups produce a sound that captures the soul of '50s and '60s rock and roll like no other. A Fender pickup set is the perfect complement to any Fender guitar or bass, putting the musician in control of his or her own sound. With no moving parts, good-quality used Fender pickups are just as good as brand new ones and are often available at a significant savings. A trip to eBay will give you the chance to evaluate the inventories of all of the reliable sellers and find the pickups that best fit your playing style. Do not let the music hide on your strings; share it with the world thanks to the power of technology. It is truly amazing what a simple coil magnet can do.