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About Fender Pickguards

Your old electric guitar sounds better as it gets older, but it is beginning to look a bit tired and worn out, especially the original Fender pickguard. It had to endure so much wear over the years while it protected the guitar's finish. There are original pickguards available for every make and model of Fender guitar from reliable sellers on eBay. This is an affordable way to give your old ax a facelift. If you want to replace a Fender Telecaster pickguard, it is available in a range of colors, styles, and materials, including pearloid and hand-tooled leather. You can even choose a Fender custom pickguard if you want to give your old guitar a unique new appearance. You can also find all of the accessories that you need to complete the job, like Fender pickguard screws and replacement knobs, so that your old guitar looks just as good as it sounds.