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About Fender Jazz Basses

Jaco Pastorius, arguably the greatest, most innovative bass player the world has seen, played one of these, so you know you have made a good choice. The Fender Jazz Bass has been around since 1960, and remains the go to choice for many musicians even today. The simple fact is that no other electric bass gets close to the unique, sharp sound of a Fender Jazz Bass. This is due to the two single coil pickups, which emphasize the mid tones of the instrument, which give the bass much more bite. Although originally designed to for jazz musicians, the bass has become synonymous with all kinds of musical genres, which is a true testament to its sheer versatility. The sound is not all that sets the instrument apart though. Designed for jazz, the neck is much thinner than other Fender instruments, which allows for faster finger work. The instrument proved so popular that a number of variants are part of the package. Searching the large inventory on eBay means you can find a number of different models. The American Fender Jazz Bass is the most common and popular, for example. A Mexican Fender Jazz Bass offers a good alternative though, and there are a number of parts and unique models to discover, too.