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About Fender FSR

After four decades of playing Fender guitars, you have quite a collection of them. Hanging on the wall of your den are vintage and modern Fenders, Stratocasters and Telecasters, but no Fender FSR guitar. FSR, or Fender Special Run, guitars are not regular production models but specially commissioned by individual Fender dealers. Therefore, they are even rarer than limited edition Fender guitars. These guitars may be highly collectible, but they are also excellent instruments. The Fender FSR Standard Telecaster delivers a powerful tone with its single-coil pickups arranged in three positions over the bridge and neck. If your rod of choice is a Stratocaster, then the Fender FSR American Standard Stratocaster is the guitar to own. Its soft V-neck profile is complemented by a modern gold anodized aluminum pickguard and classic-aged plastic parts. You can find these rare collectible guitars among the wide selection of Fender FSR guitars and amps available from reliable sellers on eBay. With this guitar, you can be sure not to sell your music collection or career short.

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