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About Fender Flares

The sides and bottom of your newly purchased truck are in great condition, but one off-road adventure through your favorite trails on the outskirts of town leaves the vehicle caked with dirt and other debris from the road. Instead of groaning at the sight and wishing that you had protected your truck before the outing, prepare your vehicle next time with fender flares. Not only do the fenders keep your truck free from mud and debris, but they also help to block or cover up rust. To ensure a good fit on your truck, take a look at universal fender flares, which are available in new and used condition from reliable sellers on eBay. The flares may feature durable fiberglass construction, a wheel lip, and easy installation that allows you to glue on the parts or fix them with rivets. For your Jeep, there are Jeep fender flares for models such as the Wrangler and the Cherokee, with wide pocket style designs as well as more slender ones. With so many items to choose from, you can find the right fender flares for your vehicle.

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