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About Federal Glasses

Do you remember sitting at your grandmother's aluminum table, sipping lemonade from a pale pink tumbler while she stirred cake batter in a white milk glass bowl? Chances are; that moment was brought to you by Federal Glass. In the early- to mid-20th century, the Federal Glass Company was at the forefront of attractive, affordable glassware, issuing line after line of beautifully colored and patterned bowls, serving dishes, snack sets, and more. Pick out a set of Federal glass tumblers just like Grandma's, perhaps a set of clear glass tumblers splashed with a turquoise and gold atomic-age boomerang pattern, or a set of amber-hued depression glass tumblers in the "Rosemary" pattern. Grandma's cookies will taste a little sweeter when you whip them up in a Federal milk glass bowl. Choose a large mixing bowl adorned with spring green roosters, or one encircled by bright blue flowers. After dinner, serve cookies and hot chocolate with a set of Federal glass milk glass snack sets in the stunningly vintage "Blossom" or "Rosecrest" patterns. With the huge selection of Federal glassware offered by the trusted sellers on eBay, you will back at Grandma's table with just a few clicks.

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