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About Feather Hair Extensions

Everyone is wearing hair extensions these days, so is it any wonder that feather hair extensions has become such a popular choice? Peacock feather hair extensions are genuine feathers from a peacock, taken from the head, tail, and wings. The vibrant colors add a dramatic effect to your hair, and with easy to use clips, they can be installed in to your style in just seconds. Rooster feather hair extensions are another great choice, offering up bold and dramatic colors. The soft feathers come from a variety of roosters, including the grizzly. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a large selection of feather hair extensions, from different lengths, styles, and of course, birds. The feathers can be worn to add flare to your style or as part of a costume for a masquerade or Halloween party. The feathers are easy to maintain, just hand wash with a mild detergent. The feathers can be brushed and styled, similar to your natural hair. Be very gentle when brushing the root to avoid pulling the feathers from the extension clip.