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About Feather Costumes

Flights of fancy always begin with beautiful feathers. From the pageant stage to the dance floor, feather costumes create the illusion of an angel or the elegance of a princess. The giant inventory of feather dance costumes on eBay makes it easy to outfit your ballerina in fluffy feathers of any color for her debut in "Swan Lake." Little ballerina tutus in pink, white, or silver feathers look spectacular on the stage. Choose a variety of feather headdresses to celebrate your Native American heritage, or to dress as an Indian chief this Halloween. Genuine leather and soft duck feathers dyed in brilliant colors give the war bonnet an authentic look. The beaded headband fits men or women, creating a Native American princess or a warrior with a single feather costume. White feather angel wings with a span of over 40 inches pair perfectly with your sultry black dress and those high boots, or add a halo to change the entire costume from naughty to nice. Feather butterfly wings, feather wrist cuffs, and feather bikinis give you plenty of choices when it comes to spreading your wings to fly.