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About Faux Ivory

With its smooth face, substantial weight, and delicate off-white color, ivory often serves as the core material for some of the loveliest artifacts and jewelry in the work. For ethical and environmental reasons, many are turning away from genuine ivory artifacts and moving toward faux ivory options. This alternative gives you a way to enjoy the aesthetic advantages of ivory in a more eco-friendly way. Anything from a vintage collectible to a new piece of jewelry may be made from faux ivory. Faux ivory bracelets are great additions to a jewelry collection and come in a range of styles, from bangles and modern designs to traditional Chinese scrimshaw panel bracelets. Faux ivory also pops up in carved artifacts. A Faux ivory figurine makes a great display item for a cabinet and collector's item. These figurines can range from Asian traditional sculptures to Western religious figurines. Other household items you can find in faux ivory include vases and bowls. Get to know all of your faux ivory options by exploring the large inventory of products available on eBay.