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About Faux Fur Fabrics

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my — when a safari hunt is not the reasonable option to acquire a fur coat, perhaps you could check out faux fur fabrics instead. With a fake pelt in your hand, you could decorate your cabin in the woods or create a cozy rug for in front of the fireplace without the political backlash of animal rights' groups banging on your door. The fabric comes in a vast variety of colors including gray faux fur fabric, browns, black, and even more imaginative shades, such as purple faux fur fabric. Plus, you can choose a texture that you like from coarse to very fine. Faux fur fabrics are available in a range of fur lengths so that you can find one for your dream coat or sew your grandchild his first teddy bear. Fabrics are generally sold by the yard, but there are also pre-cut sections for sale. Whether you are looking to design the perfect Halloween costume or want to make a lucky rabbit's foot, there is a large inventory on eBay to suit your needs.

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