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About Fat Bike

Rocks, roots, mud, snow, and sand — nothing can stop you. Your fat bike gives you plenty of traction and shock absorption, getting you through the roughest of terrains. Road bikes may be speedy on smooth surfaces, but those thin tires are practically useless on gravel and dirt roads. Mountain bikes are built to handle tougher paths, but fat-tire mountain bikes let you tackle terrain that standard tires cannot. Fat bikes were originally created for cycling in snow and sand, which are traditionally very tricky to navigate on two wheels. However, all that extra traction also works well on other soft surfaces, such as muddy roads, loose dirt, and bog lands. The large tires also come in handy for off-trail riding, as they make it easier to ride right over tree roots, bushes, and exposed rocks. A variety of popular brands make this style of bike, such as Kona, Mongoose, and Surly. Whether you live in Alaska and like to bike through the winter or enjoy trail riding in the Arizona desert, you can find a vast inventory of fat-tire bikes on eBay.

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