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About Fast RC Cars

Enjoy the roar and thrill of the race track in your own backyard without having to strap on a helmet. Fast RC cars are perfect for racing on self-built tracks, no matter how elaborate you want to get. These remote controlled vehicles come in matched sets to ensure that they are on a level playing field before you and your friends let them loose, and some modified hobby-grade cars boast unscaled top speeds of up to 70 mph. A fast mini RC car is a smaller version that is suited to single-room courses and hallway races. Smaller toy-grade RC cars only come with electric motors and reach top speeds of up to 15 mph. At the hobby car level, some fast electric RC cars, especially those with brushless motors, can rival the blistering speeds of gas-powered nitro cars, but their batteries give them much longer operational lives. Crashes are all part of the fun, and many of these remote controlled cars are tough enough to take a beating even in rugged racing conditions, including on outdoor dirt tracks and trails. You can find fast RC cars in the vast inventory of hobby supplies on eBay.

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