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About Fashion Royalty

Always open to starting something new, you find yourself drawn to the new Fashion Royalty doll collection. These dolls were introduced in the year 2000 by designer Jason Wu and celebrate the glamour and excitement of the fashion industry. One of the dolls that really interests you is the Fashion Royalty Poppy doll. She is a custom-sculpt doll with an eyelash ridge for even more detail. Her hands are removable for easy dressing, and she comes with a stand for display. You also love the Fashion Royalty Vanessa doll. She is a limited edition doll as there are only 600 dolls available worldwide. Since you are not one for schlepping around from store to store, searching for the perfect Fashion Royalty doll, you are thankful that the reliable sellers on eBay are so convenient. Sellers offer a variety of different models of this doll, and you know that it is going to be easy to find exactly the one you are looking for.