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About Farriers

Calvin's dad was an attorney, he grandfather was an orthopedic surgeon, his brother is an orthodontist, and his sister is a police officer, but Calvin chose a different path, one that took him out to Kentucky equestrian community as a farrier. "What's a farrier?" his mother had asked, and not with much enthusiasm, ever the city girl. He explained that a farrier is an expert in equine hoof care, and a much respected and needed profession and Calvin loves his career. He loves the smell of the horses, the freshly cut lawns, the thunderous sounds of hooves on the track. Calvin graduated from veterinary school and then did an internship to master the old world blacksmith skills he needed. He purchased his equipment from eBay, including his new farrier apron, farrier chaps, nippers, and several previously owned tools from old farriers who used the best. Yes, it's old school, but among the best horse farms, Calvin's skills and talent are widely known and in great demand. He makes a good living doing something he loves, and rides many horses in the meantime.

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