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About Farmhouse Sinks

The clatter of dishes and the hiss of hot water steaming in a porcelain basin are familiar sounds in a busy farmhouse. A farmhouse sink is a large, no-nonsense sink that is built with an eye toward functional design and maximum efficiency. Often they are simply large porcelain tubs or pans with a drain and a tap. An antique farmhouse sink is a beautiful piece of masonry with the porcelain built around copper sheeting or some other form of bracing metal that resists wear over time and helps to keep heat trapped and radiant. A double farmhouse sink is built along more modern lines and incorporates two basins so that two dishwashers can work alongside one another or the sink can be more efficiently used in the preparation of food, such as peeling potatoes. These sinks have a large capacity and are designed for constant use, so they are extremely durable. You can find a variety of farmhouse sinks in the vast inventory on eBay.