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About Farmall Cubs

A simpler time spent harvesting your own food, raising animals, and baking your own bread is a romanticized and well-remembered time in American history. For farm and antique enthusiasts, Farmall Cub, or simply Cub as it is widely known, is a highly sought-after piece of farm equipment that brings up images of that simpler time. The Farmall Cub tractor got the name Cub from its small size, as it is the smallest tractor that International Harvester manufactured from 1947 to 1981. If you are a collector, or if you still use a Farmall Cub for work, you can find Farmall Cub tractor parts on eBay. eBay has a large selection of reliable sellers who offer parts ranging from gaskets to tractor tires with tubes to inspection covers. So no matter if you have the IH Red of Federal Yellow Farmall Cub design, you are sure to find the parts that you need through the large inventory available on eBay.