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About Farm Trucks

Maybe you played with them as a kid, maybe they remind you of the real farm truck your grandfather used to have. No matter what your motivation, collecting vintage farm trucks has become more than a hobby for you, it is a passion. These toys come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and conditions so careful scrutiny of any purchase is important. That is where the knowledgeable and reliable sellers on eBay come in. They not only have a large selection to choose from, but they can answer your questions, too. You can start a new collection with a vintage Tonka farm truck perhaps. Some of these feature horse trailers and wooden side rails on the beds, these are known as stake beds or stake trucks. You can find dump trucks, grain trucks, and even pickup trucks. Most of these are pressed steel, but you can also find a farm truck made from tin like the highly-collectible Lazy Day Farm trucks. Any of these great pieces would make a fine addition to your collection.