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About Farm Toys

From sand-scooping dump trucks and plastic tool benches to Easy-Bake Ovens and miniature ironing boards, forms of play that imitate work or chores constitute a large part of children's leisure time as well as their growth and development. Since their introduction in 1945, Ertl farm toys have contributed toward the agricultural end of this experience. Tractors, front loaders, and even entire barn and ranch sets have afforded children the opportunity to play out their dreams as farmers on a considerably smaller scale. Products manufactured by Ertl feature memorable farm equipment name brands such as John Deere, AGCO, and Case IH, adding a healthy dose of realism to one's farmstead fantasies. Among vintage farm toys, Ertl farm toys stand out due to their high quality and durability, owing to their die-cast metal alloy construction and high production standards. Whether you are looking to appeal to a toy collector's high standards or a child's hard style of play, both new and used Ertl farm toys are available from reliable sellers on eBay.