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About Farm Animals

Old McDonald had a farm…E I E I O, and on this farm he had a duck…E I E I O! Just reading the words puts the tune in your head and makes you picture the parade of happy farm animals. Evoking the homestead, designs and prints of farm animals are often used in home decor. For example, a country kitchen wouldn't be complete without adding an animal design, such as rooster curtain or a cow cookie jar. eBay sellers list endless new and new-to-you products with an animal theme, with items for all ages and projects. When it comes to toys, plastic farm animals are a classic choice for children. However, for those under the age of three, a soft, stuffed farm animal toy might be a safer choice. By introducing your child to a farm animal set, you are doing more than giving him a toy—you are educating him on the different types of animals that live on a farm and sparking his interest in the outside world.