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About Fantastic Four

An experimental space shuttle ride, cosmic rays, and a crash landing. You may wonder what these three things have in common. The answer would be that they're the elements necessary to create the Fantastic Four. Johnny Storm accompanies his sister, Sue Storm, on a space shuttle ride with her fiancé, Reed Richards. Never did he expect that the ending of the flight would result in the three of them, along with their pilot Ben Grimm, developing super powers. Johnny Storm is the Human Torch. He can fly, control fire, and burst into flames. Sue Storm is the Invisible Woman, capable of turning invisible and creating force fields. Reed Richards is Mr. Fantastic, the leader of the Fantastic Four, who can stretch his body in mind-bending ways. Ben Grimm is the Thing, with a stone body and superhuman strength. This unlikely group battles forces of evil in the Marvel universe. Buy a Fantastic Four lot of comics on eBay, or focus on collecting individual mint condition comics to complete a collection, such as the Fantastic Four issue 1.