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About Fan Switches

Daddy, the thingy that hangs down in the middle of the air is broken and I'm too hot. Only the dad of a darling four-year old daughter with golden, bouncy curls will understand that what she means is that her fairy princess ceiling fan has stopped turning. Dan does a little investigation and discovers that the problem lies with the fan switch. "Daddy will order you a new one right now," Dan says. Callie climbs up on his lap and together they open Dan's laptop browser to eBay and find ceiling fan switches. Dad selects a new adjustable fan switch and orders it, just like that. He gets ready to close the lid when Callie stops him. "Wait! Daddy, do they have hangy thingies that look like fairies? To match my fan?" And so they look together and sure enough, someone is selling their fairy pull chain. "Just for you, Fairy Princess Callie," Daddy says. And with a simple fan switch and pull chain, Callie is content and runs off to play. If only all her problems will be that easy to solve, wishes Dan.

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