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About Famicom

Nintendo, famous for its characters, such as Mario, Link, and Donkey Kong, has a whole range of iconic gaming hardware, games, and characters from throughout its life in the home console industry. Nintendo entered the home-console market with the Famicom in 1983 in Japan. For markets outside Japan, this console was called the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES, which did not see the shores of the U.S. until 1986. It helped video games recover from the video game crash of 1983 and secured the love and loyalty of children around the world. The Famicom, and later the Super Famicom, launched a wide number of video game franchises, including Final Fantasy, Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, and Mega Man, to name a few. The Famicom Disk System for the Famicom was never released in the U.S. It was used to circumvent a ban on game rentals in Japan from 1984 onwards. Because it was host to many games never released in the U.S. or Europe, it is highly sought after along with disks that contain the games. If you want to find your next Famicom collectible, reliable sellers on eBay and their huge inventory may help you find what you desire.