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About Fallout 3

Two hundred years after a nuclear event laid waste to North America, a survivor flees the corruption of Vault 101 and makes his way into the broken world alone. Fallout 3 includes magnificent graphics, portraying the devastated post-nuclear landscape, the distorted mutants, and the other characters in breathtaking detail. One of its key features is the open-ended gameplay style, which allows users to make various choices that impact the storyline. You can step right into the protagonist's shoes and imagine that you are really in the Wasteland world, fighting to survive against radiation and mutants, accepting occasional assistance from other survivors, and wandering through the wreck that was once the United States. Fallout 3 comes in new or preowned condition, in a standard version or a Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition with a few extra features. Purchase Fallout 3 for PC, Xbox, or PS3 on eBay from reliable sellers. Once you own the game, experience the plot twists, weaponry, combat options, and myriad adventures that the game provides.