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About Fallout

Start collecting your bottle caps, because in Fallout, they are their currency. Prepare to delve into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear warfare with the Fallout series of video games. Denizens of this universe live in fallout shelters known as Vaults. The government only created a small number of Vaults, and many of those were incapable of sustaining human life. Fallout 1 begins with the Vault Dweller departing on a mission to retrieve a water chip from the Wasteland so that the home Vault can remain functional. Choose from one of three stock protagonists, including a female character, or create an original character. You can grab the Fallout Collection, which includes the first two games and the Tactics spinoff, on eBay. This RPG series features an open world setting, allowing the player full access to the world. With a turn-based fighting system, gamers can quickly eliminate enemies without the worry of an unseen adversary catching them unawares. Develop your character’s skills and abilities with the unique SPECIAL system, created specifically for the series.