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About Fake Piercings

That nose piercing looks great on your best friend, but you are unsure of how it may look on you. Before running to a piercing parlor, check out potential looks with fake piercings. Fake piercings can be applied in a number of ways, as some are stick-on, magnetic, and others apply pressure to stay in place. Fake magnetic piercings are held in place with a magnetic back that adheres to the magnetic jewelry through skin. This type of jewelry is popular for cartilage, nose, Monroe, and other body piercings. Most of the smaller magnetic jewelry pieces for nose and Monroe piercings measure 3 mm with an 8 mm backing to firmly hold the jewelry in place. When choosing your fake piercings, you want to find quality materials, such as surgical steel or gold plated, to ensure comfortable wear, especially if you have sensitive skin. Before you head out to get your nose, or anything else, pierced, try out a fake nose piercing or other fake piercing from the large selection available on eBay.

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