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About Fake Gauges

Body modifications are one of the most unique ways to express yourself as a person. Fake gauges offer the chance to express yourself in a temporary fashion. Actual gauges are available in different sizes to gradually stretch the inside of your earlobe. Fake gauges consist of two parts. The first piece uses a narrow earring pin to slide into the earlobe and connect to the other side of the design, the second piece, which gives the illusion that you have real gauges. Fake spiral gauges simulate thicker earrings that also expand your earlobe with designs that protrude through the ear. These gauges differ from standard circular pieces and feature designs such as infinity signs, random spirals, and ancient symbols. Fake tribal gauges focus on designs from African and Native-American art. Standard fake gauges are available in several different shapes, sizes, and colors among the large inventory on eBay. Fake gauges are perfect if you prefer the look of these earrings without permanent augmentation of your ear lobes.

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