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About Fake Earrings

No one has to know that you have yet to overcome your fear of ear piercings when you show up wearing a pair of realistic looking fake earrings. With the wide range of fake options available from trusty sellers on eBay, you can avoid the piercing gun all together while still enjoying the fashionable look of a pair of earrings, whether hoops, studs, or dangle are your style. Fake clip-on earrings are a classic option that squeeze gently onto the earlobe, and come in a variety of types, ranging from trendy metallic hoops to dazzling chandelier earrings. Fake magnetic earrings offer a unique spin, allowing you to mimic the look of a basic stud earring. While your friends comment on how great you look in them, you smile to yourself knowing that the fake earrings you are wearing are secretly held in place with the help of a tiny magnet behind your earlobe. Perhaps you have pierced ears but want the stretched earlobe look minus the stretching part. Screw-back plug earrings fit through regular piercings and screw on in the back, creating the optical illusion of gauged ears. Do not let your lack of piercings — or the right-sized piercings — keep you from achieving the jewelry style you want.

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