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About Fakes

But mom, she says for the third time in a row; your daughter has been pestering you for a piercing or tattoo every day for the past month. Like a flash of lightning, it comes to you: buy her a fake. After you tell her that you will think about it, she is shocked into silence, which gives you the opportunity to hop online. You are a savvy researcher and by browsing on eBay, discover there are many reliable sellers who offer accessories such as fake tattoo stars. You enlarge the photo, because they look exactly like the ones in the tattoo artist photo book she showed you. You pick out a few different things for her and for yourself as a surprise, and thankfully, they arrive quickly due to Convenient shipping options found on eBay. Before she gets home from school, you pop a couple of fake plugs in your ears and pull on a fake arm sleeve tattoo. You wait in the living room and anticipate the expression on her face when she sees your new look.