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About Fajas

If you are looking to define your hourglass shape and add a bit of "va va voom" to the fit of your clothing, a few fajas in your wardrobe may be just the ideal addition. First popularized in South America, fajas have been a Latin staple piece for years. However, this best-kept secret is out, and the rest of the world is quickly catching on. Recently, the New York Times has published an article about the widespread wearing of these midsection body shapers. The word "faja" means belt or wrap and that is precisely what it does to a woman's waistline. It wraps around the midsection, which may have a few, minor issues and reshapes the area, allowing one to feel confident and beautiful. When it comes to shapewear, there are so many different fits and styles to choose from and the fajas are no exception. Offered in multiple strengths to give more structured or lighter compression, they fir any woman's preference. While all fajas trim and tone the tummy area, they are also adjustable for the ideal fit. Find your faja as part of a large inventory of shapewear on eBay and get the figure that you desire.