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About Fairy Wings

"Grace is what picks me up and lifts my wings high above." Author C. JoyBell C. got it spot on — fairy wings are pretty, delicate, playful, magical, and oh so graceful. A pair of butterfly fairy wings completes a Tinker Bell costume beautifully or adds special charm to a Barbie or princess outfit. These wings are usually made from double-layer soft nylon fabric on a frame. It is easy to bend the wire frame into any desired shape, then you slip your arms into elastic bands, which stay firmly on your shoulders. The overall ensemble is lightweight, comfortable, and a joy to wear. If you enjoy an extra splash of color, rainbow fairy wings are the thing for you. The various combinations of embellishments, such as glitter, stones, feathers, and dangling streamers, make the design possibilities endless. To be fair, a costume party is just one excuse to dress up. Every little girl, and many of the older ones too, love to slip on a pair of fairy wings available on eBay and live in a make-believe world built on hope and dreams.