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About Fairy Tails

Natsu yells, "I'm all fired up!" and immediately you are drawn into the fun, melodramatic, action filled anime, Fairy Tail. The characters are quirky in the most wonderful ways with deep often tragic back-stories. They make for awesome subjects for cos-play. If your favorite character is Lucy, a replica set of her celestial wizard fairy tail keys can round out a perfect costume. The sellers at eBay can provide you with those or other costume pieces to complete your cos-play. They have reliable and speedy options for shipping that will have you ready for that next comic con in no time. If cos-play isn't your thing, but you want a piece of your favorite anime to grace your shelf then look no further because the selection of Fairy Tail figures will definitely have you fired up! There are even plush stuffed characters to choose from. What could be better than cuddling up with Happy for the night?