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About Fairy Lamps

Bring a little history and mystery into your household with a fairy lamp. In the late 1800s, they were made to hold and protect candles, but they also added a little magic to the household. Some believed that the flickering candles within the conical and sometimes flowered shapes, and often bright colors of the domes, gave the illusion of fairies hiding within. Though keeping candles inside the domes went out of fashion long ago, antique fairy lamps can double as a secret place for the little ones to hide their precious items. Who doesn’t love a special place to keep beloved keepsakes? With the reliable sellers on eBay, you can get a gently used or vintage fairy lamp for each of the children in your life. Teach them the story of the "fairy" that lives inside, and they’ll never fear the goodies that they hide inside. It could even make the tooth fairy delivery easier, if her "cousin" lives in their fairy lamp. Create some new memories with the old-fashioned magic of a fairy lamp, and don’t let imagination slip to the wayside.