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About Fairy Dresses

Let the soft, shimmering fabric of fairy dresses enchant you into becoming one of these beautiful, magical creatures. Children and grownups alike have been fascinated by fairies for centuries, and thanks to Disney, fairies are more popular than ever. Browse through the variety of inventory on eBay and you can become Tinker Bell, Star Sapphire, or Titania in less time than it takes to wave a magic wand. Or let your dark side show and dress as Maleficent or Queen Mab. Fairy dresses are available in silk, tulle, cotton, and polyester blend fabrics, in long gown or knee-length styles. Girls' costumes are often flame retardant so your little one is safer from fire-related accidents while she is playing as her favorite fairy. Tiaras, necklaces with large gems, lace-up leather boots, and incandescent wings are other ideal accessories for a fairy to wear. Your adorable, mischievous side will shine through at any costume gathering; after all, everyone loves the fun that goes with fairy dresses.

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