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About Faceted Crystal Beads

Whether you are a crafty mom with a daughter who loves sparkly dresses or a fan of glitter and jewels all on your own, faceted crystal beads are a must-have for decorating and dressmaking. Reliable sellers on eBay have a giant collection of faceted glass beads that are sold in loose lots or pre-strung on cords for decorating outfits, creating costumes, and just wearing as jewelry. Choose faceted crystal beads in an array of gorgeous colors like sapphire blue, emerald green, and fire polished pink to string together or gather on separate cords for decorating a dress. Use some jeweler's wire to create your own beaded bracelets and beautiful earrings, or twist some strung beads into your hair for a glamorous up-do. Pick up a faceted crystal pendant for that black silk cord, and create your own necklace, or make a beautiful sparkling charm for your purse. Faceted crystal beads add just the right touch of bling to your wardrobe and accessories.