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About Fabric Panels

When you find that your imagination is running ahead of your quilting skills, you may want to consider using fabric panels. A fabric panel has a pre-printed design, giving you a jumpstart on your quilt. All you need to do is add borders, backing, and batting, and stitch the whole thing. For a child's quilt, for example, look for fabric book panels. If the child loves Eric Carle's illustrations, look for fabric panels of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." A little boy may love a quilt made with Thomas the Tank Engine panels or a little girl may like a quilt with Mother Goose panels. Search for baby fabric panels if you want to make a quilt with adorable animals or letters. A craft store may have some fabric panels, but you may find the best results by searching the huge inventory on eBay. The reliable sellers on eBay have hundreds of options from which to choose, and they offer convenient shipping choices. No matter what kind of intricate project you envision, you can find the supplies to make it a reality.

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