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About F4i Fairing

From 2001 to 2006, the Honda CBR600F4i sport bike was the king of the road as far as sport bikes went. If you still have one, then you may need to occasionally replace a piece if F4i fairing. The fairing is a piece of injection-molded ABS plastic that fits over specific areas of the bike. The F4i tail fairing, for example, fits behind the seat and over the tail light. Fairing serves multiple purposes, so it is not ever a good idea to do without it. Primarily, it serves aesthetic purposes, by making the bike look good. But it also helps to reduce air drag. F4i OEM fairing also protects you from anything flying through the air that might hit you, as well as engine parts if the worst should happen. If it is time for you to replace some or all of your F4i fairing, then the vast inventory on eBay can help you to find exactly the pieces that you need. And then your sport bike is going to be back in pristine condition, and ready to impress everyone on the road.

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