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About F150 Headers

You want your Ford F150 to have a lot of engine power, but are not willing or able to put a lot of modifications into the vehicle, exhaust headers are a good option. Ford F150 headers are add-on accessories that improve your engine's performance by making it easier for the engine to move exhaust gases out of the cylinders. Acting as individual pipes for each cylinder, the headers create a smooth exit for the gases so there is no interference with gases from the other cylinders that would create a back pressure and slow down the engine. Because the cylinders are able to expel their gases more quickly, they are able to use more power pushing the vehicle. These headers are easy to install and they bolt on for quick installation. Quality headers are made of stainless steel and some are painted or covered with a metallic ceramic coating for looks. Browse the large selection of F150 headers on eBay to find the parts you need to keep your engine running at its maximum potential.

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