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About F1 Shirts

You are about to go to a live F1 event with friends but have nothing to wear and, as a result, you consult your friends on what to do. A friend tells you to look for an F1 shirt on eBay to ease your worries. Looking through the large collection available on eBay, you will realize that the Lotus F1 shirt is made using cotton and polyester and that is why it is quite durable. Its rolled forward shoulders, seamless double collar needle, bottom hem, and double needle sleeve make it a perfect fit. This F1 shirt is available in different colors including red, blue, white, green, royal and navy blue. With different prints on the front and back, this F1 T-shirt is definitely going to turn heads as you move through the stands to get a clear view of the race track. The product is available in new and mildly used conditions.